The Tao of Badass Review

The author of The Tao of Badass Joshua Pellicer says that he’s not special or good looking. He claims to be skinny, of average height and nobody ever notices him in a bar. He spent many years studying psychology, attraction and relationships and has worked as an expert in human behaviours and a body language professional.

Does The Tao of Badass WorkThe Tao of Badass emphasizes that the ability to understand the differences between gender roles and the specific reasons why women are fascinated by certain men, and men are attracted to a particular type of women. In this day and age people do not value physical strength, but rather place value on other, more abstract qualities. These are the desirable qualities that you must possess if you want to be a badass with women. Society and its obligatory rules, has changed ideas on what it means to be a provider-protector and a nurturer. A man should be a social protector and a social provider.

Being a social provider means other people value you so much, they want to give you things that enable you survive. This is more influential than having lots of money. Women today keenly pursue men who value other people, who make other people feel happier and important. So, you are likely to have an effective loving relationship when you balance each other out. So as a man, play your gender role of always being in control of your feelings so that your woman will feel safe around you.

Joshua retaliates in The Tao of Badass that confidence in a man is what attracts a woman. Confidence is the ability to increase value of the people around you. Your beliefs will always control your emotions, confidence, self-assurance, and self-control. You only need to believe in yourself to exude a positive emotion which in turn sends out the right body language.

Women look for men who are valuable in the present day, and going forward into the future. So you need to value your self-worth, have the feeling that you are worth more and you deserve so much more. Keep on improving yourself. When you add value into other people’s lives, they will follow you, and you will eventually become a leader, perhaps get promoted and earn more money.

Is The Tao of Badasss a ScamThe Tao of Badass has a unique system known as the map of interaction that comprises four phases that include:
  • Attraction
  • Rapport
  • Seduction
  • Relationship Balance

People will naturally go through the above stages with everyone they come across.

In the attraction stage your body language must always send the signal that you are leading, without exaggerating it or seeming as insecure. Everything starts before you introduce yourself to a girl. When building a bond with a girl, demonstrate a higher value with her. This means that the individual you’re talking to has higher value than yourself or is worth more. Chat on topics that are strong enough to hold her attention so that to encourage back and forth communication using your body language. Keep the conversation light and fun. Women love to feel they’ve earned your charm.

Joshua explains a technique called the questions qualifier that qualify someone using questions and their answers which will vary or remain constant. The answers can be categorized as sexual, intelligent or logical and emotional implications. This is a sure way on how to pick up chicks since they will think they are attractive

On how to seduce a woman; women’s emotional brain is strong and the logical brain is weakened. Sexual attraction is added to that formula;

Sex + Emotional Response= Seduction

A red zone reaction takes place whenever anyone’s logical brain becomes extremely weakened, and the emotional brain becomes strengthened, that the logical brain responds with the red zone trigger. This in turn prevents you from making emotionally-based choices. Your ultimate goal is to keep the red zone from happening. The more emotional trust you build, the more a woman’s brain will allow her emotions to take over. As she bonds with you further, she’s able to trust you with her emotions.

Relationship balance revolves around four major factors that forms a comfortable, long-lasting balance in our relationships, they are:
  • Leadership/power
  • Obedience
  • Value
  • Neediness

Remember that the most important stage is the level that you're in; since everything can be accomplished at this present phase otherwise you won’t know how to move on to the next stage.

The approach mechanism is a normal drive that makes men want to talk to women they’re attracted to. Men are well-thought-out to be more valuable amongst their friends if they sleep with many women. In order for you to master how to get a woman to sleep with you, you must numb yourself to rejection. Guys who are successful with women aren’t bothered by rejection. A badass man may approach a dozen women and get rejected by half of them, but this doesn’t bother him at all.

Women have developed numerous tests to find out whether a man is confident or is faking it. A woman tests for a reason; she has to see beyond a man’s flair for appearing more confident than he really is, to avoid attracting men that she will be disappointed with. There are two types of tests that women use; Compliance tests and congruence tests.

Compliance tests; A woman uses these to see if you are going to let her get away with anything she wants. If you're a man of high value, your patience for submission is low and you won't do all that she tells you to do.

Congruence tests; Women use these tests to see if you are as confident as you portray, by perhaps insulting you in some way. You will pass the test if you don’t respond to it. These two tests are a sign that a woman is attracted to you.

You can also trade compliance by giving her a bit of compliance in exchange of the compliance she tries to give you. Something like “I’ll carry your groceries in if you’ll cook for me.”

Communication through body language is how you say it when you are trying to relay a message that really matters. Body language creates attraction subconsciously. Dominant and submissive body language is a simpler way of sending the right message. A dominant person masters his space in by taking up most of it, while a submissive person tries to be smaller and takes up little space.

How To Pickup Women

The Tao of Badass gives ten body language indicators to show that a woman is attracted to you. They are listed below;
  • Looking down while talking to you
  • Triangulation - eye pattern movement
  • Qualifying or validating herself to you
  • Positive body language
  • Testing for congruence
  • Testing for compliance
  • Initiating conversation
  • Hair twirling
  • Initiating touch
  • Leaning in

The first step to creating love is acceptance. This means listening to her and affirming to what she’s saying. You also have to build a rapport with women that you sincerely care about, this way you will be able to control love and create an intense emotive connection with anyone you desire.

This book The Tao of Badass clearly defines the role of the modern man in creating relationships with women the badass way.

So, does The Tao of Badass work? Or is The Tao of Badass a scam? To find out, you have to buy this amazing detailed book that gives you a step by step guide on ways of charming ladies and staying out of the friendship zone. You can also enrol for membership to interact with other badass members around the world and ask all the questions you may have regarding love and women. The Tao of Badass is definitely a worthy investment!